Poster session

 Poster titles

  1.  Mitochondrial acquisition impacts oxidative stress and survival of glioma cells   (Ruben Quintana-Cabrera)
  2.  Local perturbations of Ca2+ homeostsis as possible early mechanism of fals pathogenesis (Rosa Pia Norante)
  3.  A toolbox to study synaptopathies in vitro  (Jacobine Kuijlaars)
  4.  A Setup for Simultaneous Recording of Electrophysiological Signals and Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging in the Mouse Cortex  (Sergey Chekhov)
  5.  The effects of sonapax and noofen uptake coupled with neurofeedback training on EEG and sensorimotor reactions in AD/HD children (Tetiana Kachynska)
  6.  Special feature of event-related desynchronization/synchronization of human brain electric activity in the range of alfa- and beta-rythms by presenting emotionally meaningful stimuli  (Olga Abramchuk)
  7.  Multifunctional Theranostic approach towards neurology disease (Deependra Tyagi)
  8.  Prion protein-dependent dysregulation of Ca2+ homeostasis by AD-related soluble oligomers ( Agnese de Mario)
  9.  EEG abnormal oscillations in writer’s cramp (Giulia Cisotto)
  10.  Neural responses to Activity-Dependent Stimulation (ADS) within different cortical areas  ( Alberto Averna)
  11.  Organic Electronics in Neuroprosthetics  (Laura Ferlauto )
  12. COMT-Cannabis interaction during adolescence as a risk factor in developing schizophrenia  ( Gabriella Contarini)
  13.  Inefficient constitutive inhibition of P2X3 receptors by brain natriuretic peptide contributes to sensitization of trigeminal sensory neurons in a mouse model of familial hemiplegic migraine ( Anna Marchenkova)
  14. The measurement of Pain in children with cognitive impairment: the r-FLACC scale (Sabrina Congedi)
  15.  Brain stimulation in the age of “light”: Controlling and steering cortical cellular electrophysiology for future smart neuroprosthetics employing optogenetics ( Sebastiaan Van De Vijver)
  16. A novel framework for spike sorting implementation ( Panagiotis Petrantonakis)
  17.  Long-Term Potentiation in freely-moving rats: a putative role of Transient Receptor Potential Channels ( Marta Bovet Carmona)
  18.  Visualization of visual system: an opto-fMRI aproach (Rukun Hinz)
  19.  AMPA receptor trafficking in remote and recent memory  ( Pasha Ghazal)
  20. Opioidergic control of striatal low threshold spiking interneurons (LTSIs) (Rasha Elghaba)
  21.  Computational cerebellar model to simulate cortical degeneration during Eye Blink Conditioning.  (Alice Geminiani)
  22.  Physiological effects of fluorescent nanodiamonds uptake in soma and dendrites of hippocampal neurons  ( Laura Guarina)
  23.  Impact of OPHN1 on migrating neuroblasts  ( Andrea Maset)
  24.  Mutation of OPHN1 impairs adult born granule cells development and network activity in the olfactory bulb  (Nelly Redolfi)
  25.  Mechanism of activation and function of the odorant receptor expressed at the axon terminus growth cone of olfactory sensory neurons (Simona Francia)
  26. Co-cultures and image informatics for studying the role of Alzheimer’s disease-related transmitted toxic proteins on neuronal network connectivity (Jan Detrez)
  27.  Role of hippocampus and SII in working memory  task  (Shima Talehy Moineddin)
  28. Tunable dynamics in a hybrid neuromorphic-biological system  (Johannes Partzsch)
  29. Towards Unsupervised Learning in Neuromorphic Devices using Winner-Take-All Circuits (Raphaela Kreiser)