School on Neurotechniques 2015


The toolbox for investigating the function of neural circuits

March 23 – 27, University of Padua – Italy

Artificialok Investigating information processing and identifying operational rules of brain neural circuits relies on the capability to selectively record and stimulate multiple neurons within a network.
The toolbox of available techniques conceived to meet this need is rapidly expanding.
The CSN School on Neurotechniques 2015 will offer an overview on advanced electrical- and light-based recording methods of neuronal excitability, focusing on those that are most relevant for the investigation of neural networks ‘in vitro’ and ‘in vivo’ and for application in neuroprosthetics.
Techniques derived from information theory for the analysis of neuronal population signals will be presented and practical demonstrations of experimental recording sessions provided.




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  • Multi-electrode and multi-transistor arrays
  • Implantable brain probes for acute and chronic recording
  • Calcium imaging
  • Voltage sensitive dye imaging
  • Optogenetics
  • Transcranic magnetic stimulation and EEG
  • Mixed electrophysiology, genetics and behavior approaches
  • Information theory and the analysis of neuronal population signals
  • Closed-loop electrophysiology and hybrid neuromorphic-neural systems

Target Audience and Registration

  • PhD students
  • postdoctoral researchers
  • scientists working in related fields




Sponsored by the European Commission, Project CSNII (GA No 601167, FP7, FET Proactive, Neuro-Bio-Inspired Systems) & University of Padua